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Sonnet 100 (Peter)

Sorrow and joy were mixed at suppertime:

He washed my feet but said that I’d betray

Him. "Never," I said, "that would be a crime."

We’d been together from the start, the day

He called me from the nets. "You will, three times,

Before the cock crows," he went on. "Come pray

Inside Gethsemane with me." Now I’m

A zealous man but God made me of clay.

He had to wake me when the torch lights came.

I drew my sword, slashed off an ear, he healed

It, soldiers took him. Down the trail I crept

To fireside warmth. Three times they asked – no game--

And I denied three times. Long gone, that meal.

The cock crew. I went out and wept and wept.



John, baptize me at River Jordan's bank,

Pour Jesus' cleansing water on my head.

May He, through Love, make white my sins so black

And I'll be born again and by Him fed,

For I have sunk as low as man can go

And only He can lift me up again

To walk the plan he set me long ago

Before I was conceived in lands of men.

My destiny, O Lord, is in thy hands;

To you I have entrusted heart and soul.

You are the God of gods who reigns forevermore . . .

Release me, Lord, from mortal flesh's bancs

and wash me, cleanse my spirit, make me whole,

Lord, let us work together at the core.

--Day Williams


Let me stand on solid rock

And hear the high winds howl,

Let me stop the crooked clock,

Be a tiger on the prowl.

Send me back to the womb

To find the cord that binds--

Before I reach the tomb

I'll absorb all hearts and minds;

And stop to watch the ant

Who makes his hills of sand.

To him the hills are giant:

He cannot see my hand.

So I make hills of hours

And fill my hills with sons.

Love grows sweet, red flower,

I see some glowing suns.

--Day Williams


Abraham was now old and well advanced

In years, and God had blessed him in all ways.

He said to the chief servant in his household,

the one in charge of all that he had, "Put

Your hand beneath my thigh, because I want

You to swear by the LORD, the God of heaven

And God of earth, that you won’t get a wife

For my son from the Canaanites’ own daughters,

The people whom I live among, but will



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