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Hello, I am Day Williams, an attorney who writes poetry, I also paint and have enjoyed photography for many years. My website is designed by Webmaster Mike. We invite you to look around and explore the website. My art is the best way to shed a bit of light on who I am. Please, enjoy the poems below as well as the rest of my website... Thanks for dropping by - Day
Sonnet – The New Century

Picasso’s Demoiselles, Wright Brothers’ plane,

E = MC squared, The Fauves (Matisse):

They started their new century with aims

To change the world and barter a new lease

From an expanding universe that gained

From great lights, great works, and great men, whose feast

We fed on. A new century again:

The human race’s knowledge does increase,

As Daniel had foretold, and justice does

Emerge victorious enough to quell

Rumblings of discontent, and yet what fire

(Besides Twin Towers’) will burn in hearts and buzz

In brains; whose hands and fingers ring the bells

That chime our rising to the stars, and higher?

–Day 12/04/07


Sonnet – Home Invasion

When reindeer landed on the roof, the cops

Were called but came too late to stop the man–

Red suit, white beard, big bag– who laughed and hopped

Into our chimney like he had a plan

To take the load (despite his belly), drop

Into our living room, eat cookies, hand

Out presents by the tree (he must have shopped

For months) and then with one big "Ho-Ho", pop

Back up the chimney to the roof again.

But halfway down his body stopped his fall.

The firemen promptly came (they never fail)

And tugged him out with ropes held by the men.

The reindeer flew away above the mall

While their driver spent the night in City Jail.





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